Screenshot Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the best games ever. Player’s from all over the world spend hours playing this epic game developed by Epic Games in the year 2017. With up to 3 playable modes, Fortnite brings its users the best gaming experience of all time.


Fortnite has a very different and unique gameplay. Players from all over the world compete in an open battlefield and the last man standing wins the game. This mode is called Battle Royal.

The other two modes of Fortnite are “Save the World and Creative Mode”. These are most likely to be story mode.

How to Download

To play fortnite on a Mobile. Your missions and new items will directly be stored to your PSN account, so no need to worry about that.


Fortnite holds the biggest e-gaming World Cups, where players winning prize money was more than that of Wimbledon Champions. With the best players from each country competing against one another, the vibe takes you to another level.

Additional Information

Category Game
Developer Epic Games
Latest Version 10.31.0
File size 188.2 MB