Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Screenshot Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityScreenshot Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityScreenshot Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityScreenshot Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Rockstar perfectly captures an exaggerated version of America that has suffered through tremendous amounts of violence and crime in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. This makes exploring and venturing through the city immensely fun.

The city of Los Santos is full of intricate details, that bring it to life in a way not many other open-world games achieve. There is a reason it is so hyped. As you arrive in the city you start off with a prologue campaign mission that introduces you to two of the games anti-hero’s: Michael and Trevor. You than 10 years later revisit the city through the lens of three protagonists.

Micheal De Santa, a once well-renowned and retired bank robber. Franklin Clinton, a member of an infamous gang who works as a repo man for a car dealership and Trevor Philips, Micheals former partner who has frequent fits of reckless behavior due to his substance abuse.
These three protagonists allow GTA: Vice City to achieve something different and hit spots in its campaign mode that few other games can achieve. The game wouldn’t have been half as fun had it been only a single protagonist.

The games gameplay mechanics are smooth and responsive, and Rockstar practically perfects the already great GTA formula by fixing the checkpoint system. GTA definitely is one of the best games in the market. It keeps you hooked on it for hours and all the time you feel like the king of the world.

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Developer Rockstar Games
Latest Version 1.09
File size 7.3M