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The Google Play Store is the best application repository for Android devices. The best part is that it’s official and Google itself makes sure that it is updated and maintained.

The presence of Google in the running of the platform is clearly evident. Everything works and looks good. The application comes pre-installed with any Android device and therefore it is not difficult to start using the platform from the get-go.

When you start off the application the first thing you are required to do is log-in to the marketplace. Your virtual profile is essential for you to download content and stream entertainment.

It also allows Google to identify your likes and dislikes and then recommend content to you accordingly. The platforms suggestions are usually pretty accurate.

Google Play Store is also super secure. Afterall the application is operated by Google, the largest technology company in the world. While across the web you’ll find applications that are full of viruses and malware. The Google Play Store algorithm makes sure it scans every published file for malicious content.

There is a reason the Play store has over 82 Billion application downloads as of 2016. The application is the go-to place if any Android user wants to download their favorite application or entertainment content.

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